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About The Fairy

"I believe in offering a great product and customer service with a personal approach."

Nice to meet you

My promise to you

My name is Estelle Deerenberg, made in Holland, yet lived in the UK most of my professional life. Since 2017 I have settled in the beautiful Charente region (SW France) only 1 hour from Bordeaux.


Surrounded by stunning rolling fields of sunflowers, vineyards wherever I look and sunny days 250 days of the year, I am in a great place to live, work and holiday in. Formidable

Love dealing with guests

My professional background is in the hospitality sector: I have been working in sales & marketing departments for 4/5 star and boutique style hotels, restaurants and a high end holiday cottages rental company.

Hospitality runs through my veins! And not one day is the same. I love dealing with guests and clients.

I believe in offering a great product and customer service with a personal approach. Treating clients and guests with respect and integrity, basically how you would like to be treated yourself.

I will respond to all owner enquiries, visit all properties in person (initial visit complimentary) and will meet all owners in person if required. I strive for a good match between my clients and myself and will offer a dedicated and professional service. I speak several languages: Dutch, English, French and German.  


Want to know more?

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information or contact me directly

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